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viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Hobbies - Aficiones

I have many, many hobbies. Reading, writing, movies, hanging out with friends... but one in particular that lately I'm spending more time, and it is the intersection point. I'm making a huge box. I leave the image to see if you like.What hobby are you currently devote more time? Explain that you practice the language.

************ TRANSLATION *************

Tengo muchos, muchísimos hobbies. Leer, escribir, cine, salir con los amigos... pero hay uno en especial al que últimamente le estoy dedicando más tiempo, y se trata del punto de cruz. Estoy haciendo un cuadro enorme. Os dejo la imagen a ver si os gusta.
¿A qué afición le estás dedicando actualmente más tiempo? Explícamelo en el idioma que practiques.

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  1. ROGER:
    Hola. Estoy practicando espanol. A mi me gusta la pintura. Esto me recuerda de Cubism por Picasso. A mi me gusta las colores. Te apartece hablar por chat or Skype? Que tengas un buen dia. Cuidate, Roger

    1. yo tambien practico español y lo hablo con fluides igual que el italiano y el ingles

    2. yo tambien practico español y lo hablo con fluides igual que el italiano y el ingles

    3. yo tambien practico español y lo hablo con fluides igual que el italiano y el ingles

    Hola Noelia,
    Thank you for your e-mail. I am going to write this first, in English and then attempt to repeat in Spanish. My main hobbies today are walking and swimming. I enjoy visiting friends and occasional drink at my local bar. I correspond with penfriends all over the world
    and try to exchange languages. My main hobby when in the UK was Judo where I was Black Belt (2nd Dan).
    The enclosed picture looks typical of Picasso and depicts a man and woman in an embrace and exchanging a passionate kiss.

    Gracias por su mensaje. Voy a escribe esto por primera vez en Ingles y luego tratar de repetir en espanol. Mis aficiones principales son hoy caminar y nadar. Yo gozar visitar a los amigos y beber ocasionalmente en mi bar. Me corresponden con amigos de todo el mundo y tratar de intercambio de idiomas. Mi pasatiempo principal, cuando en el Reino Unido fue de Judo en la que se Cinturon Negro (segundo dan)
    Mi principal ambicion es hacer el amor con una mujer que admiro y respeto.
    La imagen adjunta se ve manzana tipicos de Picasso y representa a hobre y mujer en un abrazo y el intercambio de besos apasionados.

    Feel free to give feedback on the above.
    Kind Regards.
    Alan. x

    well i dont know much about art but i like to see it and this image is so great and beauty!
    And... my hobbies are sing, sometimes read a good book, hang out with friends too and... stay at home chating with my friends of all the world and relaxing, sleep too hahaha but because i'm on school i don't have time to do this things, well i'm in a chorus and i go there every thursday, i'm so happy on the thursdays! (:
    Mmm.. really i'm not so good with the english and i hope this can help me because i love it and.. and.. i don't wanna write this in spanish below because i'm sleepy and i talk in spanish all the days so i hope you can understand something that i wrote xD
    See you soon :)

    Well Noelia,
    You sound quite a talented lady but singing in a choir is your favourite. I was in a choir (Chorister) as a boy until my voice broke as a Soprano. I still have fotos of those happy days. It can be quite uplifting to sing in a group.In my case it was in church. I don't read a lot (except for Spanish) but I find it sooooo hard. You say things back to front I will have to get use to what your read is different to ow you put it on paper.. That will come with time.
    So do you correspond with pen pals all over the world too. It is great to listen o other people and their way of life.We are but a minute speck (a grain of sand on the beach) to realise how insignificant we are, but it is nice to share our thoughts with other people.
    How is the language blog page going. I couldn't find someone to exchange ideas with. Have you no nice ladies out their?
    I wish I could read and write Espanol as good as you with English.I envy you so much, you are so talented.
    What is the school you mentioned, do you mean college??.
    Keep it going, we're doing fine.
    Kind Regards.

    Hey Noelia, Sorry I have not been writing more, I am so busy with work lately. They are giving me a lot of hours. I like your recent posts on aficiones and would like to tell you about some of mine. Please write back if you would like to talk more about them. Also, tell me if my spanish is ok.

    My hobbies include reading everyday. I like to read all kinds of books. I also like to go walking and talk with my friends. I love spending time listening to all types music also.

    Mis aficiones incluir leer todos los dias. Me gusta leer todo tipos de libros. Me gusto ir a caminar y hablar con mis amigos. Me encanta pasar tiempo escuchando todo tipos de musica tambien.

    Hi every body,
    My name is Tarek yehia, I'm Egyptian and I'm 21 years old, I can speak Arabic and English fluently and recently studying both Spanish and French .. but learning new languages means that we need to listen to natives a lot and repeat after them so if any of you can add my on skype my username is Tarek Yehia Mohamed-Egypt.
    thanks in advance
    Me llamo Tarek Yehia, Soy egipcio y tengo 21 anos.. puedo hablar Arabio y Ingles, ahora estudiento los dos ... Espanol y Frances, pero aprender idiomas significa que tenemos que escuchar mucho a los nativos y repetir dspue's los ellos, así que si alguno de vosotros puede añadir a mi a través de Skype mi nombre de usuario es Tarek Yehia Mohamed-Egipto.
    gracias de antemano

    Thanks for the painting!I know very little about cubism,and you ,Noelia make me curious to find more information about it.Like the others who already wrote,I think it's a Picasso art work.But what is the title?"Love?"maybe "The Kiss?"all these titles make me think at Gustav Klimt-the same theme and different styles.I have all the hobbies you enumerated in your e-mail I read ,write watch Tv walk and meet friends but more than all in the last year I was very interested in oriental culture ,art. and tradition.This new interest comes from the Korean dramas I watch on TV.I watched The wind of the palace, The jewel of the palace, and recently Hur Jun drama.I found out manny things about the corean traditional medicine,about plants, oriental dishes and manners.because I only know a few words in Spanish I can't translate it.I just bought a Spanish book for beginners.I only can speak my mother's tongue-Romanian ,French and English

    The people that want to learn English should watch the film MY FAIR LADY. It is available online in the original English language and I also found a version in Spanish (which is all Double Dutch to me). The film is about an English language and phonetics professor who is challenged by a friend to teach proper English pronunciation to a flower girl (played by Audrey Hepburn). They use the famous phrase "THE RAIN IN SPAIN FALLS MAINLY ON THE PLAINS" extensively. It is best to use a torrent program such as Vuze to download the films. If the English version is a little bit too complicated use can watch the Spanish version first to get the gist of the story line. In the Spanish version the voices are dubbed so the original voices and pronunciation will only be heard in the English version. MFL is quite a well known classic movie and is not just a film but also a musical. Internet Movie Data Base web site has several short clips online for a quick look. (
    Enjoy, Peter

  9. ROBIN:
    Well I don't know much about art but I like to see it and this image is so great and (beauty) beautiful - adjetivo!
    And... my hobbies are singing - gerundio, sometimes reading a good book, hanging out with friends too and... staying at home chatting with my friends of all the world and relaxing, sleep too hahaha but because I'm (on) at school I don't have time to do (this)these - plural things, well I'm in a (chorus) choir and I go there every thursday, I'm so happy on the thursdays! Mmm.. really I'm not so good with (the) english and I hope this can help me because I love it and.. and.. I don't wanna write this in spanish below because I'm sleepy and I talk in spanish (all the days) all day so I hope you can understand something that I wrote xD
    See you soon.

  10. no manches, el tipo que segun da la clase de ingles no sabe NADA de ingles xD, lo peor es que ustedes viene a tomar clase de alguien que no tiene ni la menor idea de lo que hace, su texto parece recien salido del traductor de google

  11. Hola Noelia,
    Me gustaría practicar el ingles contigo
    me regalas tu Skype?
    mi correo es

  12. Nesito saber como desir o nombrar my hobbyes y como se deben de escribir estos

  13. Hola yo soy española de nacimiento y me encantaría practicar inglés con vosotros, así aprenderemos entre nosotros y practicamos, ¡un saludo!